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Join us at Grissom Aeroplex, one of the best known autocross sites in the midwest.


Come out and join South Bend Region as we host a two-event weekend. Both of these events will count toward the South Bend Region series. It will be scored as two one day events, with trophies awarded each day. They will also count as two separate events for SBR annual points. Trophies will be awarded for all SCCA classes. (2024 PAX/RTP factors will be used for the SBR Tire Rack and Novice Annual Championships.)

You may enter for the entire two-day weekend, or just Saturday or Sunday.

Everyone is welcome!

If you’re not an SCCA member, you must purchase a weekend membership with your registration. (Registration fees for non-members include the weekend membership).



Saturday        Sunday       2-Day Discount!
Member          $50            $50                    $80
Non-Member      $60            $60                    $90


MINOR WAIVERS  must be notarized in advance,signed by both parents, unless solo custody. See SCCA .com website. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Anyone entering a “hot” area MUST have a SCCA membership, Annual or Weekend. RIDE-ALONGS, regardless of age, must have a weekend trial membership, weekend membership or annual membership.A onetime trial membership is available at registration. No cost, but only for ride-alongs or “hot” area access.. The trial membership will be good for the weekend. IF you have previously signed for a trial membership for 2023 , you must pay $15.00 for a weekend membership.  The trial membership is meant for a single weekend, as a one time only occurrence. Wristbands unique to ride-alongs or hot area access will be issued at each event. The weekend membership is available at the registration table at each event. Cash only! Exact change is welcomed. An annual SCCA MEMBERSHIP is highly recommended. Benefits abound. VETERANS and ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY  can receive a discount on a annual membership by contacting the SCCA National Office.

One must be at least 12 years of age and have a wristband to enter the grid area.

No wheeled vehicles are allowed on course walks, without a wristband,available at registration. These wristbands are unique and only allowed for those with physical challenges, per SCCA rules.

TENTATIVE Schedule (Times are Eastern Daylight Saving Time)

Saturday and Sunday
7:00 AM Gate open.
7:30 AM to 9:30 AM Course open for walking
7:30-8:30 AM Registration
7:30-9:00 AM Tech Inspection
9:00 AM Novice Walk
9:30 AM Driver’s Meeting
10:00 AM First heat begins
5:00 PM Site closes

If participant enrollments warrant 3 run- groups or more, there will not be a designated lunch break. If only 2 run-groups exist, a 45 minute lunch break will be announced. At the end of the break, workers are to check in with the worker Chief and immediately go to their designated work assignment. Drivers are expected to be in grid,ready to drive.
It is strongly recommended that all participants bring a lunch,as the lunch break will be short and food options nearby, are almost non-existent. The quicker you are on course or ready to drive, equates to more runs.

IMPORTANT: The entry/exit gate will be locked while cars are running. A radio will be at the gate to call for emergency exit or entry.

Event requirements

You’ll need a safe car, seat belts, an approved helmet (Snell 2010 or newer). There will be no loaner helmets this year so you must provide your own.

Earn points for the following South Bend Region Series Championships

  • All SCCA car classes for the 2024  Solo Regional Class Championships
  • Novice Class Championship (scored on the 2024   PAX/RTP Index.

Basic Event Guidelines and Safety

  1. A valid drivers license is required in order to participate, please bring drivers license with you to registration.  Temporary permits are allowed if parent/guardian remains present while driving.
  2. All vehicles must pass safety inspection on the following points prior to running: working seat belts, throttle return action, secure battery, no oil or antifreeze leaks, adequate brake pedal, tire condition, tie-rods, and wheel bearings.
  3. All loose items, snap-on hubcaps, detachable fender skirts, speaker boxes, center caps, and trim rings must be removed. All loose interior items, including floor mats must be removed prior to tech inspection and competing.
  4. Closed toe shoes are required (no sandals or flip-flops) while driving.
  5. Helmets are required (list of approved certifications).  If you don’t know the rating of your helmet you can look inside for a sticker, just may need to pull back some of the padding to locate the sticker. If you want to purchase a helmet you can look online at [Lane Automotive, Solo Performance, SafeRacer]
  6. All adults present in the event site (whether they are participating or not) will need to sign the waiver when they arrive on site.
  7. The complete 2024 SCCA Solo Rulebook is available on www.scca.com, other local rule changes will be posted in the supplemental regulations
  8. Minor waivers must be notarized in advance,signed by both parents.  See SCCA.com for minor waiver instructions. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. Ride-alongs, regardless of age, must have a weekend trial membership. After the initial trial membership, a $15 weekend membership is mandatory, or purchase a annual membership. A weekend membership is valid for four consecutive days.
  10. WORK ASSIGNMENTS will be given at the MANDATORY Driver’s  meeting. Failure to show up on time for your work assignment will result in runs being forfeited, and possible elimination from future SBR events. Any fees will not be refunded.
  11. WE RUN RAIN OR SHINE. Bring appropriate gear for the weather conditions.
  12. No alcohol or non-prescribed drugs are allowed at any of our events.
  13. No wheeled vehicles, including EVs, mobility scooters, bicycles, hoverboards will be allowed on the coursewalks, without obtaining the appropriate wristband from the registrar at the registration desk. Vehicles during coursewalks are meant only for those with physical challeges per SCCA rules.
  14. No wheeled vehicles as described above will be allowed in the grid.
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